YouTube SEO in 5 Steps

YouTube SEO in 5 Steps

In a previous post, I talked about how YouTube is now the #2 search engine—ahead of Bing and Yahoo—with over 1 billion unique monthly users. Taking the time to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO is just as important as optimizing the pages on your website. If people are going to find your video masterpiece on YouTube, there are 5 basic SEO steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Give the video a descriptive name. Name the actual video file with relevant and meaningful keywords (for example, rename to Adobe-Photoshop-How-to-color-correct-in – While the end-viewer of the video cannot see the actual filename of the movie, YouTube does consider the video’s actual file name when it comes to keyword search.


Step 2: Use descriptive keywords to create a relevant title. Here, you’ll have to think about what keywords the end-viewer will use to find your video. Use the most relevant keywords for your video, and key them into the Title area.


Step 3: Add and edit closed captions. When it comes to your video, don’t just think locally or even nationally—think globally. 70% of the YouTube audience is outside of the United States, and YouTube has translation support for 300 languages. Creating accurate closed captioning allows you to reach a broader audience and will help with search (discussed in Step 4).


Step 4: Add the script from Step 3 into the description area. Now that the closed captioning is accurate for your video, you can download the script, then copy and paste it into the Description area. All of this descriptive text contains very relevant keywords that will further optimize your video for search.


Step 5. Select the most appropriate tags for your video. Google will suggest tags as you key them into the Tags field. It’s also useful to take the time to search for other popular videos that my be similar to yours and use those tags.



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