Benefits of Centralized Workflow Information

Benefits of Centralized Workflow Information

It appears the economy has stabilized, though attempting to find savings in workflow production can be difficult. Where can you determine your bottlenecks? How can an organization correctly identify and act on these bottlenecks before they cut into profits? Installing and running a Management Information System (MIS) with an integrated workflow can give you this information quickly and easily.

Using shop floor data collection software or JDF/JMF technology, the MIS system has the ability to receive real-time costing and production updates about specific jobs. MIS software allows for job reporting during and after production. Reviewing this information gives companies the power to make proactive decisions. Reporting information allows companies to see what went wrong during production. Conversely it shows companies their potential production capacity by viewing the production results. Reviewing information the MIS software captures is valuable for estimating and production schedules.

For a comprehensive list of available MIS/ERP systems, visit Printing Industries of America’s Center of Technology and Research free member resources page ( for the latest MIS survey (Member login required).


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