Free Google Web (and Print!) Fonts

Free Google Web (and Print!) Fonts

Google Web Fonts are a great way to customize your website and make it really stand out. Currently, there are over 600 font families available in the Google Web Fonts repository, and new fonts are being added regularly. The fonts can be added to a website in a number of ways:

  • Add a snippet of code from Google Web Fonts to your website.
  • Install one of the many plugins for WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.
  • Purchase a theme for WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal that has Google Web Fonts support built-in.

But what if you’d like your printed marketing material to have the same look and feel as your website or web design? These fonts are open source and can also be downloaded and used for printed material. As with any open source font, you should always test the font to make sure it outputs correctly before using it in a design for print. A good (but not completely foolproof!) way to test the font is to see if it can be successfully embedded in a PDF file:

  1. Download and activate the font on your system.
  2. Create an InDesign or QuarkXPress document using that font.
  3. Export the page to create a PDF. If the PDF is created without any warnings, then the font has been properly embedded.

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