Combustible Dust and Safety Compliance

Combustible Dust and Safety Compliance

OSHA continues to enforce their rules regarding combustible dust and fire prevention, and companies are still receiving huge fines for these serious violations. It’s important to keep your employees and business safe from fire hazards, and here are a few quick tips to follow to eliminate or reduce the amount of combustible dust you generate:

  • Ensure all dust handling/generating equipment is designed for the environment where used and maintained regularly. This includes printing presses, spray powder attachments, bindery equipment, balers, dust collection equipment, etc.
  • Monitor the accumulation levels of combustible dust within your operations and ensure levels are kept below 1/32 of an inch.
  • Establish a cleaning routine for daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly periods to eliminate higher accumulations of combustible dust.
  • Ensure employees understand and are trained on the importance of fire prevention procedures and cleaning routines.
  • Examine and ensure all potential heat and fire sources (motors, electrical connections, lamps, heaters, etc.) are designed properly and regularly inspected and maintained.
  • Review all current and newly established policies and procedures with employees.
  • Review the NFPA 654 standard for detailed cleaning, control, and maintenance options as well as the OSHA National Emphasis Program on Combustible Dust for compliance information.

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