Your Website: Does Your Message Engage Your Audience?

Your Website: Does Your Message Engage Your Audience?

Printers know who they want to sell to, but there is often a disconnect between the customer base they are trying to attract and message that their website conveys. When assessing the effectiveness of your website’s message, you have to determine if there are major differences between what you’re selling and what your customers actually want or need. And if you’re trying to expand your business into new markets—you must also determine if that message matches what your prospective customers are looking for.

Think about what your customers will find engaging about doing business with you. Does a marketer want to hear the message we provide variable data printing, mailing, and web services or would they rather hear our integrated solutions routinely achieve response rates of 10-20%? When creating the right message, ask yourself “what’s in it for my customer?”

Finally, your message should extend far beyond just the main page of your website. A blog is also an important way to connect with your customers to provide useful information, build relationships, and convey the right message. Updating a blog regularly with relevant information will keep you customers connected and coming back for more.


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