Staff Bios: Benefits & Tips

Staff bio pages provide many benefits to company websites.

Today, many organizations have “meet our team” or staff bio pages on their websites. In this article, we’ll look at three reasons why staff bio pages benefit your company and provide three tips for making these pages as effective as possible.

Staff Bio Pages: Benefits

  1. Staff bios add a personal touch, which is an important component for gaining the trust of your customers. In fact, a key red flag that a company is NOT reputable is a website with a lack of details about the people who work there.
  2. Well-crafted bio pages highlight the expertise of your staff, which in turn establishes the expertise of your entire organization. Promoting your people promotes your business.
  3. Staff bio pages give employees a “public” stake in the success of the company. People want to be associated with winning teams. A staff bio page on a public company website gives employees an extra reason to take ownership of their performance.

Staff Bio Pages: Tips

  1. Photos: To capitalize on the humanizing aspect of staff bio pages, photos are a must. If your company has a professional photographer on staff, it should be very easy to arrange for high quality staff photos. If not, consider paying for professional quality photos. At the very least consider having professional photos taken for employees who interact with clients and the public.
  2. Bios that brag: Encourage your employees to show pride in their professional accomplishments. Along with listing day-to-day responsibilities, staff bios should highlight certifications and educational milestones, memberships in relevant industry and professional associations, and significant projects undertaken and completed.
  3. Social media links: Links to an employee’s professional social media profiles can add value to a staff bio page by providing a wider range of options for networking. One key point to note here is to distinguish between personal and professional social media accounts. Including a LinkedIn profile or work-approved Twitter account makes sense. Links to personal social media profiles probably should not be included on a staff bio page.

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