SEO: Find the Right Keywords and Your Customers Will Find You

SEO: Find the Right Keywords and Your Customers Will Find You

Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing are very tightly integrated. Think of a search on Google as a query to connect with your business, and the results of that search as your online marketing effort. Part of SEO success is selecting the right keywords to drive traffic to your website.

To select the best keywords, you have think about what people trying to find you would type into Google, Bing, or Yahoo to make your website pop up in search results. Next, you need to review those keywords for potential traffic and search effectiveness. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Think like your customers and potential customers. What are their needs, and what is it that you have to offer that satisfies those needs? Think of as many as you can, and make a list.
  2. Next, examine the list. From the list, brainstorm the search words and/or phrases they would they use to find your products and services. Write down as many of these search words and terms as possible.
  3. Now review the traffic potential using some free, online tools. Start with the Google AdWords Planner Tool (you’ll need a Google account to have full access to the tool). The Adwords Planner Tool shows all stats of how many people are searching for the keywords you enter. Type in your keywords, review the results, and check the related search terms to see if any of those may be applicable. The best keywords to use are high volume, low competition, and high value.
  4. When you’ve established which keywords are best, integrate them into your website either via an informational blog post or web page.

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