5 Adobe InDesign Tips for Print Professionals

Adobe InDesign is a powerful tool with a variety of advanced features for creating page layouts. Check out the five tips below for ways to increase your InDesign efficiency:

  1. Bleeds: Having your final document printed? It’s best to factor in bleed right from the start. However, if you need to adjust the bleed settings after your document has already been created, just go to File -> Document setup -> More options.
  2. Master Pages: If you’re making multiple pages that have the same layouts then use the master page function. This will create a page with the exact same elements each and every time. To create a new master page, make sure that the Pages window is open (Window -> Pages) and then select “New Master” from the options in the Pages window drop down menu.
  3. Frames: Frames are perfect if you have only a specific amount of space on your layout to assign to text or imagery. Whenever you drag an image onto the frame it will automatically replace the content AND the size and the cropping will remain exactly the same. You can press the F key to activate the frame tool and create new frames.
  4. Paragraph Styles: To open the Paragraph window, go to Window -> Type & Tables -> Paragraph or use the keyboard shortcut Option+Command+T (Mac) or Control + F11 (PC). The Paragraph window is where you’ll find the options for justification, indents, bullets, hyphenation rules, and other important text attributes.
  5. Edit and Print Preview Modes: On both Mac and PC, you can hit the W key to easily switch between the edit mode and print preview mode. This simple keyboard can save you a lot of time!

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