Print Excellence Awards

This competition celebrates the extraordinary craft of creating unique and amazingly beautiful printed material. Once again, the competition will be truly regional in nature with printers from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming all competing for recognition as the best of the best.

Print Excellence Awards Ceremonies

The 2019 Print Excellence Awards were held in Phoenix (April 5) and Denver (April 23).

Click here to view photos from the Phoenix event.

Click here to view photos from the Denver event.

Employee Recognition Awards

In conjunction with the Print Excellence Award events in Denver and Phoenix, we will once again present the WSPA Employee Recognition Awards. Click here to learn more about this popular program for recognizing your key staff!

Interested in sponsoring the Print Excellence Awards? Have other questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Cathy Skoglund at [email protected]. You can also download our call for sponsors brochure below.