New Brand, New Name, and a New Member Resource!

New Brand, New Name, and a New Member Resource!

We are all fully aware of the rapid and evolutionary changes that are impacting our industry. Printers have to be nimble to adapt and grow their business, and it is important that your Association is nimble as well—by providing you with the critical support and information you need to continue to grow, change, and be successful.

As the new President of your Association, I am excited and committed to helping you achieve just that. One of these critical resources is your Association’s new website. This new website——is a big leap forward as it provides a simple interface that is packed with local and national events, technical tips, and sales and marketing ideas.

In addition to this new website, another critical component of your Association’s support to you is the consolidation of our resources by forming a powerful alliance between vendors, national assets, and associate members. Along with this transformation, the Board of Directors has voted for a name change to reflect that commitment to you. Your Association will move from “PIAZ/NM” and “PIA Mountain States” and become “Western States Printing Alliance.”

Finally, all of our print-specific products and programs currently in place will continue as our primary focus, including your full lineup of national resources through Printing Industries of America (PIA). In fact, some of these programs will actually expand with new discount programs, our Integrated Print Center, and a brand-new online learning management system.

We hope you welcome and embrace our fresh, new corporate image and direction, and share in the excitement in our mission to better serve you and our changing industry while strategically positioning your Association for the future.