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Password Security

Password Security

Online security is a vast and vital topic, and password security is one element of that topic that affects nearly everyone. Check out the six tips below for fundamental ways to make your passwords more secure. 1. Use a variety of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. Most websites and accounts supply rules about the minimum length of passwords and the mix of characters re... »

Five Reliable Sources for Free Fonts

Fonts are the most fundamental and powerful elements in a designer’s arsenal. Luckily, there are variety of places online where you can find free fonts. Some sites provide downloadable font files that you can use on your computer and in printed pieces. Other sites provide what are known as web fonts, snippets of code that you can add to a website. Check out the list below for some sites providing ... »

Staff bio pages provide many benefits to company websites.

Staff Bios: Benefits & Tips

Today, many organizations have “meet our team” or staff bio pages on their websites. In this article, we’ll look at three reasons why staff bio pages benefit your company and provide three tips for making these pages as effective as possible. Staff Bio Pages: Benefits Staff bios add a personal touch, which is an important component for gaining the trust of your customers. In fact... »

5 Adobe InDesign Tips for Print Professionals

Adobe InDesign is a powerful tool with a variety of advanced features for creating page layouts. Check out the five tips below for ways to increase your InDesign efficiency: Bleeds: Having your final document printed? It’s best to factor in bleed right from the start. However, if you need to adjust the bleed settings after your document has already been created, just go to File -> Documen... »

Designing for Digital: Rich Black Inks

Often in offset lithographic printing, large black objects are printed using what are referred to as rich blacks. A rich black contains all four process inks: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Less frequently it could be a mixture of black and some other ink, usually cyan. Rich black is useful in large solids to produce a “darker” black that prints more evenly on the press sheet than s... »