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Air Permit Compliance

Gary Jones, Assistant Vice President, Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs, Printing Industries of America, offers tips for air permit compliance. Air permit compliance involves two steps. The first is obtaining a permit and the second is meetin...





Let's Play: Fact or Fiction? Test your knowledge about OSHA and EPA in print.

Press play to play along! PIA's Environmental, Health, and Safety experts are specifically trained to identify issues in the printing industry. When iRead more

California’s Proposition 65 New Warning Requirements

Starting August 30, 2018, businesses that sell consumer goods to Californians will be subject to new warning requirements. Through its one-of-a-kind lRead more

PIA Adds New Color Accurate Soft Proofing Course to iLearning Center

Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America recently launched a new Color Accurate Soft Proofing course to the iLearning Center this week. PresenteRead more

The Right Platesetter for Process Free Plates

Content Provided by KodakMore printers than ever are using process free plates, such as KODAK SONORA Plates, and many of them are wondering if it mattRead more

PIA Releases Detailed Descriptions of 2018 InterTech Technology Award Recipients

Pittsburgh, PA--As a follow up to last week's announcement, Printing Industries of America released descriptions of the twelve recipients of the 2018Read more