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Air Permit Compliance

Gary Jones, Assistant Vice President, Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs, Printing Industries of America, offers tips for air permit compliance. Air permit compliance involves two steps. The first is obtaining a permit and the second is meetin...





PIA Announces Kagy and Education Award of Excellence Recipients

Pittsburgh, PA -- Printing Industries of America announced that Dr. Jerry Waite of the University of Houston was the 2017 recipient of the Education ARead more

Financial Performance Assessments

  At Printing Industries of America, the Center for Print Economics and Management wants to work with our members to boost their performance and profiRead more

The B2 Myth

Content provided by KodakPrinting is a manufacturing business. The cost of production is always important, but so are print quality and turnaround timRead more

Staff Spotlight: Mike Packard

At Printing Industries of America, we have some outstanding employees. PIA has decided to open the doors and introduce our readers to the people thatRead more

Let's Play: Fact or Fiction? Test your knowledge about OSHA and EPA in print.

Press play to play along! PIA's Environmental, Health, and Safety experts are specifically trained to identify issues in the printing industry. When iRead more