Z.A. Prust Industry Achievement Award

Established in 1991, the award is named in honor of Dr. Z.A. “Zeke” Prust, who started the Graphic Communications program at Arizona State University in 1958.  For almost three decades Dr. Prust served as professor and ultimately Department Chair of the program.

His accomplishments, both professionally and personally, have been an inspiration to generations of students, faculty members and the entire graphic arts community.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Be widely recognized as having made a major contribution to the graphic arts industry
  • Supported educational programs within the community as they relate to graphic arts
  • Worked to maintain and improve the image of the industry.

Past Recipients

Mr. Frank Benham, American Color Corp.
Mr. Kevin Clifford, Kodak
Mr. John J. Collins, WACE, USA
Mr. Warren R. Daum, Gravure Education Fdtn.
Ms. Peggy Deal, Scottsdale Community College
Mr. Harry A. Findor, O’Neil Printing
Mr. Steve Fullerton, Kodak
Mr. Willis Hawrylkiw, Proline Printing Ink
Mr. Cam Hitchcock, DuPont
Mr. Martin K. Jacobus, Quebecor World
Mr. Edward J. Kelly, 3M Company
Mr. Larry Kroll, Heidelberg
Mr. Ron Lahey, O’Neil Printing
Mr. Kevin Runbeck, Runbeck Election Services
Mr. George H. Ryan, GATF
Mr. Charles E. Sack, Hell Graphic Systems
Dr. Jack Simich, GATF
Ms. Cathy Skoglund, Arizona State University (Print and Imaging Lab)
Mr. Frank Woods, Woods Lithographics
Mr. Jim Workman, GATF