Take the Steps Towards Greater Profitability for Your Company

It may be hard to believe the impact a management tool can have on a company’s profitability. Printers and others in the graphic arts business demonstrate that the Printing Industries of America Ratios studies play a significant role in the growth and success of their companies. By reviewing key information from the company’s operations, then measuring themselves against the most successful compan... »

Tax Phase Outs and Extenders for 2014

The “Tax” media buzz words for 2014 predominately include Tax Phase-Outs and Extenders.  Anything to worry about?  Absolutely, could be. Here are some changes that could affect you: Phase-Outs Affecting Capitalization What are Capitalized Deductions? Capitalized deductions are business expenditures, such as the cost of equipment, furniture, and vehicles that are expected to help generate revenue i... »