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Air Permit Compliance

Gary Jones, Assistant Vice President, Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs, Printing Industries of America, offers tips for air permit compliance. Air permit compliance involves two steps. The first is obtaining a permit and the second is meeting the terms and conditions identified in it. Obtaining the permit requires the preparation of an air emissions inventory that identifies the equipment... »

Tips for Creating Employee Handbooks

Adriane Harrison, Human Relations Specialist, Printing Industries of America, offers tips for creating employee handbooks. Employee handbooks are an important way to communicate policies and procedures within the company. Whether starting from scratch or revising an existing manual, the following are some quick tips for creating an effective handbook: Update your handbook at least every two or thr... »

Successful Telephone Reference Checks

As business activity begins to pickup, some firms are looking to hire employees. Here are some tips that can be used for telephone reference checks. After confirming the identity, dates of employment, and relevant experience of the individual, these are the most important questions to ask: What was the employee’s last salary? Did he or she always receive merit increases? Did his or her salary incl... »

Password Security

Password Security

Online security is a vast and vital topic, and password security is one element of that topic that affects nearly everyone. Check out the six tips below for fundamental ways to make your passwords more secure. 1. Use a variety of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. Most websites and accounts supply rules about the minimum length of passwords and the mix of characters re... »

Effects of Temperature and Humidity on Paper

The environmental conditions of your paper storage and pressroom can have an impact on what is often the largest, most expensive component of a printing project—paper. By nature paper is dimensionally unstable and susceptible to temperature and humidity. As the climate in the air changes, so does the climate within the paper. Establishing a policy and procedures to ensure paper is in an optimum co... »

Five Reliable Sources for Free Fonts

Fonts are the most fundamental and powerful elements in a designer’s arsenal. Luckily, there are variety of places online where you can find free fonts. Some sites provide downloadable font files that you can use on your computer and in printed pieces. Other sites provide what are known as web fonts, snippets of code that you can add to a website. Check out the list below for some sites providing ... »

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