• PDF Image Compression

    Learn all about compression settings in Adobe CC!

    PDF Image Compression
  • Soft Proofing

    Use Overprint Preview for a more accurate PDF soft proof.

    Soft Proofing
  • Differentiate!

    10 Cool ways to differentiate your customer’s brand.


5 Adobe InDesign Tips for Print Professionals

Adobe InDesign is a powerful tool with a variety of advanced features for creating page layouts. Check out the five tips below for ways to increase your InDesign efficiency: Bleeds: Having your final document printed? It’s best to factor in ble...

Hashtags: What They are and Best Practices

Hashtags: What They are and Best Practices

What is a hashtag? A hashtag is basically a label for content. Think of them as the label on a file folder. Hashtags started with Twitter but are now used on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. They are used to help others who are intereste...

Combustible Dust and Safety Compliance

Combustible Dust and Safety Compliance

OSHA continues to enforce their rules regarding combustible dust and fire prevention, and companies are still receiving huge fines for these serious violations. It’s important to keep your employees and business safe from fire hazards, and here are a...

2014 Naomi Berber Memorial Award Honors Laura Lawton-Forsyth

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 29, 2014—Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce that Laura Lawton-Forsyth, President of Lawton PrintiRead more

Announcing the 2015 Continuous Improvement Conference

The 2015 Continuous Improvement Conference Your Source for Transformative Culture, Strategies, and Tools Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 28, 2014—SpRead more

New Developments from the Center for Print Economics & Market Research

Printing Industries of America’s Center for Print Economics & Market Research announces agreement with Profectus, Inc. to offer Budgeted Hourly RaRead more

2015 TAGA Conference Developments

     Dr. Bruce Kahn, Chris Travis, Michael Van Haren, and Patrick Younk to Keynote 67th TAGA Conference Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 23, 2014—PriRead more

Printing Game-Changers

Printing Game Changers Game-Changers for the Printing Industry The latest report from InfoTrends is here, and this month it focuses on game-changing tRead more