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Designing for Digital: Rich Black Inks

Often in offset lithographic printing, large black objects are printed using what are referred to as rich blacks. A rich black contains all four process inks: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Less frequently it could be a mixture of black and some o...

Hashtags: What They are and Best Practices

Hashtags: What They are and Best Practices

What is a hashtag? A hashtag is basically a label for content. Think of them as the label on a file folder. Hashtags started with Twitter but are now used on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. They are used to help others who are intereste...

Combustible Dust and Safety Compliance

Combustible Dust and Safety Compliance

OSHA continues to enforce their rules regarding combustible dust and fire prevention, and companies are still receiving huge fines for these serious violations. It’s important to keep your employees and business safe from fire hazards, and here are a...

2014 Frederick D. Kagy Education Award of Excellence Recipient

C.S. Monroe Technology Center, Leesburg, Virginia, Receives Prestigious Kagy Education Award of Excellence Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 13, 2014—Read more

News From The Economics and Market Research Department

2014 Ratios SurveyShows Printing Industry Profits Stalled in 2013 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 23, 2014—Seventy percent of North American printRead more

E-Learning ROI: Tips for Implementing a Successful Online Learning Program

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Ben Franklin understood that in-depth learning happens when a student is engaRead more

Five Things You Could Do to Improve Your Color Consistency

Helping companies produce accurate, consistent color is a full-time job for Dillon Mooney. As our Technical Consultant for the Center for Technology aRead more

Environmental Sustainability in the Printing Industry: How one Pioneer’s Efforts are Recognized

It’s a bright July morning, and a gathering of leaders in education, graphic arts, history, and environmentalism are convening in the beautiful, treasRead more